Been away for awhile….busy with our nonprofit Shelby’s Way, traveling to different events, planning our own fundraising events along with finishing the shop 32 Ford Coupe. The coupe received a few small modifications to make it just a little different that I’d like to share (I must admit watching Dave Lane owner of Fastlane Rod Shop) inspired this coupe and ideas. I bought a dropped Vintique headlight bar, but after a mockup install, realized it just wasn’t low enough. I felt like that with the 5″ dropped tube Super Bell Axle and Model A crossmember, keeping the headlight bar lower will just enhance its KQQL factor. Here are a few pics to show the results:

Vintique Headlight bar out of the box uncut
From this front shot you can see how high it is on the fenders and headlights are to the grill
Headlight bar cut, planned is to take 3” out
All tig welded and ready to grind and polish before chrome
Looks much better, headlights are now lower and closer together


Car finished at the GoodGuy’s Nashville Nationals won Builders Choice by Bobby Alloway
This shot gives a better idea of car finished with dropped and modified headlight bar