About Us

Shelby’s Speed and Kustom was the dream of our son Shelby Cain, he passed away in December of 2009 by suicide. I never wanted his death to define his life…he was a smart and passionate young man. He was a Mechanical Engineering Major at U of L JB Speed School of Engineering, an engine builder for Stanton Racing Engines, a racer, and was very passionate about Hot Rodding and the Automobile Aftermarket.

His passion was my passion since I was 10 years old. I remember my father taking me to Beech Bend Drag Strip in Bowling Green, Kentucky in 1969, I remember the funny cars being so loud and full of colors, heavy metallic (reminded me of bass boats). It was so loud my Dad would put his fingers in my ears, after tiring of that broke cigarette butts off and stuck those in my ears. My first car was a 1969 Mustang Fastback that I purchased for $500 in 1979.


Chassis, Wheels, Tires and Part Sales:

We have a variety a wholesale suppliers and partners we buy from at competitive prices and chassis’s and suspension parts that are made here in the USA. My personal cars are built using these same parts and manufacture’s we trust. (All orders are shipped or delivered to the shop within a few days)

Full Hot Rod & Muscle Car Builds:

When building a car or making improvements, my opinion is that wheel selection, ride height and color are the big three to making a stop in your shoes and take a double look moment. I work very close with the owner at the start and thru out the project build. New ideas come to mind during the process and those ideas may change. The ultimate goal is to build a car that will have a timeless look and make the customer and myself happy with the project. I will not build a car I don’t like

Fabrication and Metalwork:

The shop doesn’t have every tool for metal fabrication or shaping, but that doesn’t stop our ability to put out a quality product. What we don’t have we use other shops for their machinery and expertise.

Car Repairs:

Wiring, Welding, Upgrade add-ons, Suspension Repairs $ Upgrades, Body Panel Repair & Replacement , Engine and Transmission Replacement.


Custom Interiors’s done offsite, (Sewn Tight Interior), Muscle Car Replacement Interior

Shelby’s Way

After working 17 years in the Lexington community and losing our son Shelby in 2009 by suicide, I had a large desire to start a 501c3 nonprofit.

I left my job, but at the same time I knew I needed a income and Shelby’s dream of having his own shop came to life and allowed me to start this nonprofit. Shelby’s Way not only educates and informs, but thru our events, fundraisers and raffles the money raised helps our clients with everyday financial needs, mental health care, medication along with the funds to help families bury their loved ones lost by suicide.

Thru the spirit of community and fellowship we can help prevent another tragic loss and End the Stigma of discussing the difficult topics of mental health, suicide and our own well being.