Nick's Coupe at the Beatersville Car & Bike Show May 2012

Nick’s Coupe at the Beatersville Car & Bike Show May 2012

Nick's Black Coupe today with some new updates...follow story below.

Nick’s Black Coupe today with some new updates…follow story below.

Nick Auxier-Stone’s
1928 Ford Model A Coupe

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a time machine and take a trip to the past,for a Hot Rodder and nostalgic buff like me would be great.I don’t have a time machine,but I do have past archives of our Shelby’s Hot Rod Roundup Picks,back in June of 2012 I posted a story on our pick from The Beatersville Car & Bike Show in Louisville,Ky May 2012 Nick Auxier and his 1928 Ford Coupe.I believe a car is never finished and can always be improved you don’t have to keep buying and selling to keep the Hot Rod fever alive,it’s common in the California Hot Rod scene for a car to be owned by the same person for a lifetime with constant improvements.Nick knows that far to well…he is a true Hot Rodder does all his own work even if it’s his first time ever picking up a mig welder and Nick knows his way around a car and how to achieve that look,you know the look (Bad Ass).
Here is a little update on Nicks Black Coupe with a few pics,he removed the late model engine and replaced it with a rebuilt 64 327,double hump heads,comp solid lifter cam,Weiand Wc4d 4×2 intake with Holley 94’s the intake and carbs were out source to Dick York of Dick’s Hot Rod Carbs in Texas for that professional setup.
Nick also decided it was time to swap over the later model disc brakes to the MT brake products Lincoln style drums and backing plates and with his coupe having no fenders appearance up front is much easier on the eyes.The 32 grille insert looks better now being powder coated in satin black over the polish unit.His last but more visual change was to the wheel and tire combo after going thru a few sets and making repairs he decided on 18″ wires for the rear and 16″ to the front powder coating them gloss black,tires are 4.50/4.75-16 & 7.00-18 Firestones with 32 Ford caps.Nick with just a little planning and execution has created a new Hot Rod and I’m sure that the longer he has this coupe their will be other changes made in time.
Thanks for keeping Shelby’s Hot Rod Roundup updated,we never want our picks to be one and done with no future follow up.

New 64 327 with double hump heads,comp solid lifter cam with Weiand Wc4d 4x2 intake and Holley 94's

New 64 327 with double hump heads,comp solid lifter cam with Weiand Wc4d 4×2 intake and Holley 94’s

Love the 18" & 16" Big & Littles

Love the 18″ & 16″ Big & Littles

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