Josh Simmons with his Nova

Josh Simmons with his Nova


Josh Simmons

1974 Chevy Nova

Ducktail Run 2012

My Rod King Brother Joe presenting our Award to Josh

My Rod King Brother Joe presenting our Award to Josh


While I was working with Billy Scott Sr. At Scott’s Upholstery & Hot Rod parts in Louisville,Ky there were two Rod Runs mention quite often the James Dean Run in Fairmount, Indiana and the Ducktail Run in Gas City, Indiana.Billy was a builder that loved Kustoms,Lead Sleds laid out Mercs & Rivieras,at that time I never understood the attraction,but Big Bill as we called him was to Kool for the time he seen what others didn’t and new concept & style.Fast forward to 2012 and I still have not attended either of these two shows but with all the travel time and money this year giving out our Shelby’s Hot Rod Roundup awards for Suicide Awareness & Prevention looks like these Events will be put on hold once again….not this year ya see our club the Rod Kings play a big part of our non-profit for Suicide Awareness & Prevention also and one of my club brothers Joe Holderman makes these events a priority each year,and in Joes words” this would be a honor for me to select a car for the Shelby’s Hot Rod Roundup at James Dean & Ducktail Runs this year” Now since Joe made this trip, all I know is the picks made and per his conversation with me the details of each pick maybe a little distorted because ” that was 6-10 Budweiser’s ago and what happens in Indiana stays in Indiana”…so with that let’s start with his trip to the Ducktail Run in Gas City.
Josh Simmons comes to the Ducktail run every year,but somehow gets in with his 74 Nova…you see Ducktail is a pre-72 show which also takes him out of any chances to be judged or awarded so we are very proud to present him with our Shelby’s Hot Rod Roundup award.We present our awards as much to the man and his shared story than the car,but Josh’s 74 Nova is a sweet little street machine.Josh shared with Joe that his Nova was a family project his Dad painted the car Prowler Orange and his Grandfather who helped him install the engine sadly died 3 days later,this Nova is in memory of Josh’s Grandfather and his second daughter is named Nova Lee…Josh I know your feeling of loss far to well,but I am glad that the shared interest in automobiles we have let’s us both keep great memories of our most loved.God Bless my friend,I wish we had the opportunity to meet each other but maybe with your trucking job and you coming thru Lexington we may have a chance.






























Erick Russell

1967 Ford Mustang

James Dean Run 2012

 Erick was not at the show this day,here is Father Pete and his youngest son Blake.Congrats guys!

Erick was not at the show this day,here is Father Pete and his youngest son Blake.Congrats guys!





Ole’ Joe had one heck of a weekend for a passionate Hot Rodder…not only did he attend both events with his Black Widow 57 Chevy tribute car but with his newly acquired camper he stayed on site for all the nightly Hoodlum Hot Rod “free for all “which I’m sure was bathed in plenty of PBR.While Joe was at the 2012 James Dean Run in Fairmount,Indiana he must of had Shelby on his mine because his next pick is Erick Russell’s 1967 Mustang his version of a GT350 clone.I for one say well done because this aggressive black Mustang looks like it came off one of those Hollywood movie chase scenes…I can see it now running like hell from the cops on some back country Georgia road hauling shine,sideways thru the corners kicking up red mud,finally making it to the Alabama line just in time for Erick to safely get out of the car giving those chasing him the all important I’m number one hand gesture!
Ok Mark wake up because you know that’s your fantasy…truth is Ericks Mustang build was started by his Grandfather and older cousin,but unfortunately Leukemia slowed the pace and before the Mustang was finished Erick’s cousin passed away.With his Grandfather determined to finish the car and Erick now old enough, was asked to partner in wrenching on and completing the car.The Russell family is full of talent because Erick’s father Pete also helped with the build and later finished his younger son Blake’s Mustang,both these Brothers drive their Mustangs regularly ( almost as their daily drivers,if I understand correctly ).
I wanna say Thank You to the Russell family for letting us present you with our Shelby’s Hot Rod Roundup pick at the James Dean Run for 2012,and also for taking the time to fellowship with Joe sharing your families personal story,have you noticed anything here with these two great families,cars connect our families,friends and share in all those timeless memories,first date,prom,graduation,weddings and bringing home your new baby boy…my wife Pam and I brought Shelby home in her 71 Mustang I will never forget the day our youngest son Cody came home in a very loud Pro Street Maverick he slept the whole way.Erick,Pete and Blake hold on to those memories they will sustain you later in life…God Bless my new friends!