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Bill & Tim Kilkeary
1940 Ford Coupe
Eighty Four , PA.

I truly enjoy myself while in Pigeon Forge ,TN for the Shades of the Past Rod Run and I do know why…it’s relaxing,time slows down for me at least,I’m not in a hurry for anything not even with my feet dog tired from walking all day here at Dollywoods Splash Kingdom, where else would I want to be with plenty of killer Rods,Kustoms and Street Machines and the back drop of the Great Smokey Mountians.It’s getting close to dinner time and after meeting up with some ole’ friends from Ky,they informed me that my Kuz…Kirby Stafford & his running partner Richard Sanders have a surprise waiting for my wife Pam and me at a restaurant in downtown Gatlinburg called the Peddler Steak House,looks like a free steak dinner for ole’ Dad here.I just want to take a short walk around one more time before leaving and coming back on Saturday,I normally don’t pick two cars in one day for the Shelby’s Hot Rod Roundup, but that joyful feeling was just compelling me to check out this 40 Ford Coupe that caught my eye,I mean its black,straight,slick all the trim satin including a killer set of Schott wheels you could tell who ever built this car is very much a perfectionist with a high attention to detail,but did this ride meet our most important criteria…homebuilt?

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Well like I said earlier I’m in no hurry my time is only his time and right now God is calling me to a conversation with Bill Kilkeary at first I was a little intimidated to talk with Bill he seemed a little gruff with not a lot to say,but after explaining what I was here for and the reason for our Shelby’s Hot Rod Roundup he like many others opened up and I was able to share our story and after talking with Bill discovered that him and his son Tim built the 40 Coupe,but Tim hadn’t arrived to the Show and would be present Saturday so we decided to continue our conversation then.Saturday morning got up a little late so I am setting in traffic,but the best kind of traffic that of my peers…Hot Rodders after finding a place to park I was ready to search out Bill & his son Tim to continue our conversation but forgot that its Saturday and there would be a lot of cars back in the awards area for not only some individual awards but the picks by Street Rodder Magazine for this years Top 100 and also the Shades picks for Top 25,you see this 40 Ford Coupe has been taking home some serious hardware including at this years Street Rod Nationals the slick black fourty received a Street Rodder Top 100 Pick along with a Builders Choice Award not to mention a feature in Street Rodder, which is in the May issue and  out on the newstands now.I new Bill & Tim’s coupe would be selected for a Top award and continuing our talk was going to be impossible with all the other attention coming their way…ok now I’m shocked the 40 Ford Coupe is still setting out in the show area and there sets Bill with his son Tim.I could clearly see disappointment so approaching them at this time with our Shelby’s Hot Rod Roundup Award was a little awkward,I mean our V8 award for Bringing Awareness to Suicide Prevention couldn’t compare to a Top 25 at Shades of the Past.The Father & Son team invited me in and we shared a great conversation about fathers & sons…that as fathers we are not perfect but we are the best fathers we can be to our sons and how proud we are,and you could really see how proud Bill is of Tim and all his accomplishments like wise you could clearly see Tim’s appreciation of his father and the respect that he has for Bill along with the company they have built together Customs by Kilkeary , not only customs or show quality hot rods but these guys do repair work on high dollar passenger cars Mercedes-Benz and BMW with their shop being certified by these manufactures.I know that cars whether imports or hot rods are not the most important thing in life,but it’s the automotive lifestyle that has bonded and keeps this father and son together sharing a common passion along with their love for each other,all I can say is Bill and Tim there isn’t a piece of gold plated plastic or custom made metal award that can bring to you guys that you don’t already have…a Father and a Son here on this earth sharing and loving one another.God Bless my new friends.

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