Jimmy & Debbie Hervatin 1930 Ford Pickup “Emerald Tide”

I enjoy very much writing these articles on our Shelby’s Hot Rod Roundup Picks…and as you know by reading them I am not a very good writer,but all the same picking a Kool Hot Rod and its owner to represent our Suicide Awareness message is a Gas.There are plenty of Magazines out there in print
or online brining you great articles on the car and what it took the owner to build,but I want you to identify with these folks I want you to hear their personal stories…it’s called compassion and by writing these articles I hope to bring you in touch with other like minded people someone you can relate to and fellowship with.Jimmy & Debbie have been no strangers to me every year during the NSRA Nationals in Louisville,Ky we stay at the same hotel and on Thursday evening the Marriott throws a Big cookout for all the Street Rodder guest and each year that’s where I run into Jimmy & Debbie inline to get burgers,hot dogs chips and a cold drink.After just seconds into our conversation I feel as if I am seeing a Brother for the first time in a year…Jimmy just has that way about him I have never met a guy as Humble and with as much perseverance.The Hervatin Family don’t set still either you will find them on any given weekend at a Rod Run somewhere our next trip was to Shades of the Past in Piegon Forge,Tn at Dollywoods Splash Kingdom there you will see the usual cast of characters with some of the best Top 25 cars in the country.After arriving Friday morning and finding a spot to park our 62 Galaxie I started the walk down hill to the Top 25 area to see all the cars entered this year,and as usual some beautiful rides showed up…looks like the Shades of the Past Club and Bobby Alloway have their work cut out for them picking this years Top 25.But for me it’s all about catching up with Ole’ friends,fellowship,spreading our message of Suicide Awareness and picking a Shelby’s Hot Rod Roundup winner, you see one of our rules is for the car to be home built something that Shelby really liked about Hot Rodding being able to see all the individual talent and their expression of what a Hot Rod or Street Machine is to them.After walking the lot full of cars and even a trip down to vendors alley and the swap meet heading back up to the show area I see Little Jimmy he is 13 years old and he is as personable as his father…sitting there by Emerald Tide a 1930 Ford Pickup hand built entirely by Jimmy.I was sharing conversation with Little Jimmy and no matter how many times I see the Keith Weesner inspired pickup Emerald Tide I can’t keep from walking around it 2 or 3 times…snapping shots and thinking about what a talent Jimmy really is and just as quick as that thought entered my head I am like wait….this little pickup that has been featured in so many magazines and picked up many awards is a homebuilt Hot Rod I quickly asked lil’ Jimmy were his Dad was and could he tell him that I was here and looking for him and Debbie.I later met up with Jimmy and his better half…it was pretty hot  him and Debbie were relaxing under a big food tent eating and talking with friends after sitting with them awhile I shared with Jimmy how much I admired his craftsmanship an his ability to take raw aluminum and create his 30 Ford Pickup “Emerald Tide” I would like to give you guys our Shelby’s Hot Rod Roundup award Brining Awareness to Suicide Prevention and find out what inspired you to build a Hot Rod from scratch.I was surprised to find out that his first car was a 1930 Model A Sedan that was never finished and in 1981 he completed a build on a 4×4 pickup, living in Missouri the home state of the most famous 4×4…Bigfoot it was all the rage to have a big truck complete with huge bumpers,rollbar along with motor,trans,body,paint and interior all done by Jimmy…what a shock,totally blew my mind in 1983 he started his own body & paint shop with not a thought on his mind of building Hot Rods just a body shop.Jimmy quickly found out that if quality work was going to come from his shop metal working skills were a must and Jimmy believed that in order to do the job having the correct tools was necessary so Jimmy outfitted his shop with the best including tools he made himself.Later he had customers coming in requesting special metal fab jobs to be done,jobs that weren’t even automotive related so his body shop in 1986 became a full time metal and machining fabrication shop.One thing I realized about Jimmy was perseverance he never stops he keeps moving looking ahead never slowing down always perfecting his talent.While one day working in the shop on a 1930 Ford Coupe he just looked up at the Keith Weesner print of Emerald Tide and said to himself…I can build that pretty quick and have my own Hot Rod.After the  coupe left his shop he had a Model A cowl from there he knew he didn’t want just off the shelf parts,he was a fabricator and was going to build his pickup from Aluminum…not steel because if it was steel then people would think the parts were just purchased like any other Hot Rod build.Well we all know what the result was just unbelievable, words or thoughts on the HAMB online forum were of respect,unbelievable,awesome and how much talent Jimmy has.But Jimmy is so Humble he doesn’t even see the talent he has and setting there talking with him and Debbie I got to see two things that are quoted in the Bible first hand,Humility and Perseverance while from the outside looking in all of us see a great Hot Rod Builder I got to see much more…a husband & wife dealing with everyday struggles like everyone else they have had ups & downs and even after loosing their first child before birth both of them persevered and had  the blessing of Lil’ Jimmy more precious and important than anything accomplished in his shop or a Hot Rod build their Son full of life,joy and happiness.The Hervatin Family full of life enjoying every moment,inspiring all of us to do our best keep moving looking ahead taking life day by day knowing of all the blessings God has given them.Take care my friend and Thank You so much for allowing me to share your Family with everyone…God Bless.