Jack Cunningham 1940 Ford Coupe

Day three…of the NSRA Street Rod Nationals in Louisville,Ky and our final pick of the weekend for Shelby’s Hot Rod Roundup.Saturday morning came a little quick…you see on Friday evening of the Nationals our little group heads down to Lynn’s Paradise Cafe a great little Diner in the Highlands area of Louisville Lynn’s has a personality of its own decorated with upside down lamps hanging from the ceiling to Mannequin arms and legs coming out of the walls,but the food is top notch dining with service second to none anywhere…so with our bellies full its time to head back to the hotel and Phillips Lane for a long night of folding chair surf,cruise and plenty of Bud Light Lime.Saturday up and at it…quick little breakfast in the hotel lobby back up to the room pack everything for the day.Driving in on Saturday I take a quick loop around the fairgrounds because hey it’s the Street Rod Nationals and you want to be seen driving your Hot Rod and given that ever so important thumbs up from your peers.This year above any other has meant so much because of our Shelby’s Hot Rod Roundup award “Brining Awareness to Suicide Prevention”  being able to give back and having this individual go back to their communities and spread our message of love,fellowship and bringing Awareness to Suicide Prevention so we all together can stop this tragedy from happening to another Family.
Now you all know that I really have no idea of what will be the pick for each day,but after arriving finding a parking spot at camp club” Rod Kings “for the day I for some reason had 40 Ford Coupe on the brain everywhere I looked that morning was a really Kool traditional style 1940 coupe with classic color and killer stance so why fight the feeling down in my soul…after looking at some really nice cars and great conversation with some of the owners I see this sweet little Grey 40 Coupe with that ever so important Ohio rake.
Jack Cunningham greeted me as soon as I walked up…”how you doing this morning” Jack is one of those Ole’ Hot Rodders that reminds me of my Dad button up plaid shirt,reading glasses in his pocket and blue jeans on no matter how hot outside and real quick for a conversation,I love those guys born in the 40’s we can learn so much from that generation…unfortantly we sometimes learn a little to late to Thank them.I am just49 but have a lot of good friends that are in their mid sixties and cherish those relationships,Jack is 67 been married 48 years has 5 children and 16 grandchildren…Jack is truly blessed and I hope for the same one day to have such a great big family to love and share good times with grow old with and be able to share my love along with Jacks of Hot Rodding.Jack is a retired heavy equippment operator he has a little stature but big hands with years of heavy hard work on them and he continues to do the the same though not as a heavy equippment operator but one hell of a Hot Rod builder he has a shop Jacks Garage of Ohio with this current 1940 Ford just one of many he has built,that’s right Jack has a passion for 40 Fords no wonder I had 40 Ford Coupes on the brain,but that’s not where Jacks talent ends he can build anything with the same quality and attention to detail you see here.The big tent he was parked under had 3 or 4 cars there he built including a sweet little Roadster pickup by Brookville you don’t have to go searching through the yellow pages or even the pages of Street Rodder Magazine to find a top notch builder,just get out to the Nationals and talk with these guys the same guys as your father,they build some unbelievable Hot Rods.Now that’s not to say that Jack and his peers don’t grace the pages of Street Rodder magazine…they do the current issue of Street Rodder from this years Street Rod Nationals has Jacks Coupe picked and featured as Best Ford in a Ford.Jack builds Hot Rods but,Jack also builds memories…while pursuing his passion he also formed a wonderful life full of time spent with his wife,having 5 children and caring for their needs,wants and desires which has lead him to 16 grandchildren that he and his wife can continue to help raise and inspire…so the next time your at a NSRA National event or Goodguy’s event don’t be so quick to get that long awaited autograph from your professional builder idol,walk the grounds take the time to introduce yourself and start a conversation with some of the participants and check out their latest build…you will walk away inspired not only by the car but in so many other ways for your personal self.Jack your the best and a new friend to me Thanks for the conversation God Bless.