Late Nights…

We have all been there Late Nights…it’s a passion you just can’t seem to get enough done during the day,well enough that satisfies our own desires to create all the Hot Rods,Street Machines and Kustoms begging to be planned,thought out an built.I myself wonder how many great Hot Rods were built in the minds,workbench or a napkin of a all nite IHOP by Pro builders or Home builders alike.I consider myself just meat & potatoes plain Ole’ everyday meal but meant to fill and satisfy…cars built may not be fancy or have the latest gadget,but will be clean,reliable having just the right wheels and tires and stance to say Hot Rod or Street Machine.Lately my nights have been filled with questions…should I start on my dream a 32 Ford Coupe or the Dream of my Wife,Cody & Shelby one that has been put on hold for over 22 years…tucked away in storage all that time an brought home just a few years ago to build a Sweet little Resto Mod/Pro Touring 71 Mustang.
This Mustang was purchased from the original owner in Atwater California
were she had bought brand new from Razzari Ford in Merced Ca. This was my wife Pams everyday driver when we lived in Atwater…getting her back and fourth from work,picking up groceries,a yearly Christmas Tree an most important her Mustang brought home our first born “Shelby”…since 1984 this little Mustang has seen the ups and downs,holidays an shared many great memories with our Family,there was hard times and conversations between Pam and I about selling the Mustang…but Hell it’s Family!

It’s now time to bring back those sweet days of a young couple newly married an in love living in California…early Sunday mornings sleeping in,waking up quick trip to the store grab a six pack of California Coolers an head to
Yosemite Lake for a day of sun,beach,relaxing and cruising in the Mustang
Back to our 700 foot or smaller apartment,throw grannies quilt over the window an take a long sun an Cali Cooler drenched nap.

My thoughts are racing I can feel the San Joaquin Valley 110 degree heat thru the window of our Mustang with that bright red & orange western sun going down…I miss those days but the build of our 71 Mustang can bring them much closer.


Take a look an stay tuned in to SS&K for updates:



Coming Soon ;

A few body mods,front Air  Ride Tech,rear Coil Overs,Four Bar Suspension

Interior,comforts of a Vintage Air A/C & Heat GenIV System,Stereo upgrade,new paint and color change but keeping the original Mach 1 stripe pacakage…more on color and updated details later.Stay Tuned in…