Street Rod Nationals in 2009 is special to me for many reasons,after many years spent racing across the USA this was my first year back with a Hot Rod an a new Car Club but most Important it would be the last NSRA Nationals that Shelby my oldest son an myself would spend together.I had spent a lot of time on a online Hot Rod Forum an was anxious to meet my new online friends at our Meet & Greets on Friday and Saturday during the Nationals some of us have never met so we couldn’t put faces with names an most of us only new each other by online user names mine is…RAZIN CAIN there is one gentleman I met by the user name of NITROFC this Kat always posted the most interesting threads because if there was a event you couldn’t attend he always took enough pictures that made you fell as if you were there.The name NITROFC fit him well because he is very passionate about Ole’ school Nitro Funny Cars an as a co-owner & crewman his passion just enveloped you thru his pictures an post of Funny Car History,I am fortunate to have met Al at this first Meet & Greet…because little did I know that he would be such a big part of my life later,you see we lost Shelby later that year December 15th of 2009 to Suicide…this new online Hot Rod Community reached out to me one being by Brother Jeff Norwell an the other my Brother Al Liebmann.
About a year and half ago I started Shelby’s Way…and Shelby’s Hot Rod Roundup it is thru these two programs that my Family and myself are able to spread our message…”Bringing Awareness to Suicide Prevention” but we needed help we needed credibility brought to our Shelby’s Hot Rod Roundup in the Hot Rod Community and Al Liebmann along with HotRodHotLine.Com has done just that they are our newest supporters an we are so happy to have them on board an look forward to spreading this message,but also giving back.

Founded in 1999 by owners Jack and MaryAnn Lawford, has grown from it’s beginnings as a “Cars for Sale” site to become the largest online magazine in the Industry.

The focus at HotRodHotLine is on providing and online source for Pre76′ car enthusiast.In addition to a large classified section,HotRodHotLine has 23 different sections,each with hundreds of articles.Since it’s deput HotRodHotLine has grown,through there strong commitment to promotion,to achieve and maintain an amazing 1 + million page views per day.
This means they are what is referred to as a “sticky site”….there visitors stay for extended periods of time.They have achieved this by maintaining and aggressive advertising agenda.HotRodHotLine has new print ads in major magazines every month since starting in 1999,no other online publication has made this kind of commitment to print advertising.Jack and Mary Anns commitment to growth is second only to their commitment to customer service.The office is staffed with knowledgeable people who are their to help visitors and advertisers with their needs.In 2007 they added the position of advertising coordinator solely to provide advertisers with a plan on how to best do business with them.HotRodHotLine has staff members assigned to each area of their site,and they are responsible to adding content to those sections each day.Shelby’s Speed & Kustom along with our Shelby’s Hot Rod Roundup…Bringing Awareness to Suicide Prevention is happy to have HotRodHotLine and Al Liebmann as supporters,and even more important we are happy to support Jack & Mary and HotRodHotLine it’s there passion for the Hot Rod Industry that drives us all.Thanks Very much an we look forward to growing our message with HotRodHotLine for years to come.