Tom Liscke 1928 Ford P/U

Day one… Street Rod Nationals in Louisville Ky and the search is on for the first Shelby’s Hot Rod Roundup Pick of the weekend.It’s hot 4:30 in the afternoon…my feet are tired an out of 10,000 plus Hot Rods nothing is speaking to me yet,just spotted some old friends from Louisville…the Blue Oval Bunch an a friend Tim Wells time to rest my dogs an kick back in some much needed shade.After sharing a few stories an catching up with Tim an others it’s time to continue the hunt…before leaving there Hot Rod camp I decided to see what everyone was driving this year and shazam there it is this same Sweet little 28 Ford Pickup I had seen last year here…but something was different last year the P/U was wearing some black street rod wires an bias ply tires,and now sporting a very Kool set of polished Real Rodder Halibrands…Bigs & Littles I am telling you this 28 Pickup has that Ohio look you know the look…it’s called the Lobeck look.Had to ask Timmy more about the pickup an it’s owner…he said you won’t believe this but the owner is like 6’3 a gentle giant an great guy he will be back soon,after a little more walking around came back an spotted Tom Liscke right away.Tom stood up an Tim was right tall,very tall…I asked Tom how in the world do you fit in that little pickup cab,easily he said and actually it’s very comfortable as a matter of fact when I leave here this weekend I am on my way to Knoxville Tn to visit my Daughter an grandkids then it’s back to Xenia Ohio.The 28 Ford P/U was purchased from Rick Bales back in 2007…if I have my story correct in 2006 Rick dropped the front wheel off the curb of a country road an flipped the Tall T Pickup a few times…so this little pickup is like the little engine that could,you see Dave Gale who founded Just a Hobby frames an later sold to the late Barry Lobeck and even later started Curb Side Hot Rod Parts built the pickup an frame underneath.Dave was well known for a Hot Rod and frame well built,but even more important the stance his cars started that look…you know…the one we talked about earlier in the article.
Unfortunately we lost Dave Gale in 2007 Due to complications of open heart surgery R.I.P Dave.Tom also has built a few nice cars a 1934 Ford Five Window Coupe that he later sold to Pat Riley legendary NBA basketball coach,just like Rick and Dave…Tom is very mechanically inclined his Father an other family members including himself come from the tool & die trade.
Dayton Ohio was the Mecca for hands on workers an on every corner there was a shop that performed services for GM an later Delco,blue collar work a lost life for many in the U.S today,I remember my Dad like many others working the assembly lines going by the local Taveren on the way home for a beer or two just to put the day away and then off to the house for very valuable time with the wife an kids.I long for those days an have much respect for the men that worked the assembly line,shops for fabrication,tool & die an punch a time card a paper hand held hole punched time card.But like Tom they always came home to family an visit grandkids…Tom Liscke  67 years old working man,husband,father,grandfather and Hot Rodder.Stay well my new friend and God Bless.