Robert Stokes 56 Chevy 210

Living in Lexington,Kentucky all your life born in the 1940’s an raised….as a child an young adult in the 1950’s you farmed cattle,hay an tobacco,not to mention going to school.Robert attended University High an though he had farm chores an his schooling…inside lurked a Hot Rodder or back then they called them Hoodlum’s.Practical jokes was just part of the times an Robert liked to have fun.Robert chewed tobacco an chewing tobacco means you got to spit….so one day Robert spit out a up stairs window at UHigh an has he told me…hey that kids head was in the way!Robert was later transferred to Lafeyette High School for his final senior year.It should not take you long to figure out Robert had a colorful life enjoying every moment of what he an I both think were the best of times.Fast Forward to just a few years ago Robert wasn’t really looking for another Hot Rod…adding to his already growing collection,but what hot rodder doesn’t dream of the California hot rod scene an owning a car from the California region.Robert was no exception so when hearing that his buddy Bobby Woods had a west coast 1956 Chevy 210 for sale he had to have it.After purchasing the car he drove for a while stock with the factory straight six,but a true hot rodder has a vision of killer looks an Horsepower.We here in Lexington are fortunate to have the Mcfadden Family….great fabricators,so off goes the 56 Chevy 210 to Adam Mcfadden were it will spend it’s days an nights transformed into a loud,fast,low an down right neighborhood menace.Adam an Robert removed the original patina body an keeping it to it’s old glory while also maintaining the original frame,but with go fast upgrades from the front an rear suspension an installing a huge Chevy crate 502 big block backed by a Tremec T5 tranny.The exhaust work on this car is a art masterpiece with well placed bends an hidden out of site….Roberts say’s the body would have to be removed for any exhaust repairs.This 56 Chevy not only has the looks an stance but the Horsepower balls to back it up.I would say Robert is still causing trouble,but with one exception he can’t be transferred to a new school.Stay Kool Robert an true to your roots!!