Nick Auxier-Stone’s  28 Model A Coupe

The color “Black” may not entail much significance to many, but this was Shelby’s favorite color, especially on a car. So, it is only fitting that our first Shelby’s Hot Rod Roundup Award Winner be just that. A 1928 Model A Coupe that gives the viewer a sense of excitement with just it’s appearance alone. To say the good and gracious Lord above didn’t have a hand in the choosing of this car would be absolutely wrong. Shelby’s Hot Rod Roundup is a new adventure for my family and I, but also for the owner of this sleek and sick car, Nick Auxier-Stone. In a short interview, I learned that Nick wasn’t raised in or around Hot Rods. He didn’t really get a true sense of what a “traditional” style hot rod was until he signed up for a popular worldwide forum known as the HAMB. While researching and reading as much as he could on the HAMB, the “traditional” style hot rod he was searching for popped into his head. In 2009, he came upon an ad on Craigslist that would propel this project he was searching for. After deciding to purchase this car and bringing it home, Nick stripped it down to bare metal to grab a greater insight into what needed to be done to this hot rod. As a newcomer to the hot rodding world, he knew that the chop wasn’t right and purchased a used MIG welder. He went to work on the vehicle and went as far as his talents reached and made the decision to send the car to Jason Graham Hot Rods in Portland, Tennessee for final body and paint work. Nick selected the color “black” and knew that Jason’s attention to detail would bring this hot rod much success. Not only did he choose Jason for his talent in this industry, but he wanted to support the people who got him interested in these hot rod’s through the HAMB online forum community. Nick is also a major supporter of products made here in the USA and wanted to put such items on this hot rod. One thing to say is that Nick is a newcomer to the hot rod lifestyle, but I would have to say that being a hot rodder has been in his blood since the day he was born.

To follow Nick’s build of his 28′ Model A Coupe, you can check the complete build thread on the HAMB

Here are some of the vendors used by Nick on this beautiful car:

-Pete & Jakes
-Riley Automotive
-Coker Tire
-The Hot Rod Company
-Knecht Equipment-dash insert
-Dales Manufacturing-32 grill insert
-Rebel Wire